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Because I take pride in my work, I always ask clients to share their assessment of my services so I can improve. Listed on this page are testimonials from some former clients I have served. If you would like to contribute your own comments about my service, please use this eform to do so. I welcome your thoughts!

Marty fekete is the man, after struggling with big banks i was recommended too call Marty. After meeting with Marty the first time i knew he was the man for the job, we had our first meeting i ended up having to fly up north for work. That didn't slow Marty down the man managed to do essentially the whole deal with the lender and home builder while i was away, he went above and beyond to ensure i got my mortgage. the process was extremely easy and he was more than helpful!

Alex Goedhart December 2019

Marty helped us with our first mortgage and made the entire process smooth and stress-free. Marty explained our options, went over the fine details and answered all of our questions regarding our application. Not only did he get us a great rate, he has been a pleasure to work with!

Karin Junhunen November 2019

Marty did a phenomenal job helping our family through the whole buying a house process. It took over 2years to find the perfect house but Marty stood by us from day one till the end; even our realtor gave up but Marty never did. Thanks a million Marty. You're the best!

Ruth AkinJise October 2019

Marty was incredibly knowledgeable and very efficient. He was very quick in his responses and was always there to answer any question that we had. He really went the extra mile and was always super helpful and friendly. He made this entire experience seem like a breeze! AND he got us an amazing rate! I highly recommend Marty!

Greg and Kim Forchuk September 2019

Marty does an awesome job. Super patient, and a great communicator. He'll work hard on your behalf and cares about your end result, even if it may take some time. He earned our loyalty and trust! Highly recommend.

Mark Junhunen August 2019

My wife and I honestly never thought that we'd be able to get approval for a mortgage to buy a home on our wages and with our student loans... until a friend gave us Martys number. He worked hard through several companies to get us a great deal on a mortgage. We get possession tomorrow and we are so excited!!! Great service, and super helpful!.

Dillon Hippard July 2019

Marty was incredible to work with. Went over and beyond with everything.. would highly recommend him for any mortgage needs you have.

Rob Federkeil June 2019

Marty was great to deal with & offered trusted advice. He also provided the best options for my mortgage renewal, making it a easy and stress-less process.

Jonathan & Stacey Stevens February 2019

We did not know that renewing our mortgage will be so stressful. Our bank offered us a rate way higher than what we previously had. Good thing a friend referred us to Marty,he found us a lender which offered a much lower rate. He is very sincere, hard working,well informed and very accesible..We will definitely call him again in the future.. Thanks so much Marty

Ofelia De Castro January 2019

If there was a way to add more stars to this rating, I would! Working with Marty Fekete has been more than great - he's made my entire mortgage process effortless and painless. He is very knowledgeable and very efficient. If you are searching for a Mortgage Broker, you owe it to yourself to have that first conversation with Marty. He is highly recommended, and I will definitely use him again!

I just wanted to thank Marty for the awesome service he provided. He found me a lender when everyone else turned me down. When it seemed the deal would'nt go through he did not give up and made it work. I will be recommening him to my family and friends. Marty will be the first one I call when my mortgage is up for renewal. Thanks again Marty.

Dave Anton November 2018

Marty Fekete has helped my wife I several times over the last few years. He helped us refinance our home saving us money on our monthly payments and decreasing the years we had to pay on our mortgage both at the same time. And just recently Marty helped us buy a new house. The effort and time he dedicated as well as the advice and direction given helped us purchase and move into our new home within a month’s time. We have referred Marty to friends and family and I would recommend him to anyone who is looking to buy or refinance a home.

Devon Walker October 2018

I highly recommend giving Marty a call for mortgage advise. He is knowledgeable, helpful and very easy to work with. He provided me some good options and was considerate of my best interests. I 100% recommend.

Christy Pinkerton August 2018

If there was a possibility of choosing 10 Stars I would! Marty is an extremely skilled professional. His knowledge as a mortgage broker is unsurpassed. Marty had worked countless hours for our benefit turning a dream into physical form. He was always accessible working outside of bankers hours a lot of the time. His eagerness to have the deal go as smoothly and fast paced as possible showed through his work ethic, organizational skills and positive pleasant demeanour. He was able to secure an excellent rate for us which is a huge bonus! I would highly recommend Marty for all your Mortgage needs. I certainly plan to use him in the future, he's a keeper!!!

Sheri Hartley June 2018

We used Marty for our refinance and without a doubt the best service we have ever had. He worked on our file until he got it accepted. Thanks so much!!!

Van Ovejera May 2018

I bought my first house through Centum Professional Mortgage and doing so had been very smooth. Marty is very knowledgeable of his craft. He is diligent and delivers his work quite efficiently. Most of all, he is pretty easy to connect with - I can set an appointment with him and talk to him with so much ease (it helped that I can just walk to his office from mine!). It was such an amazing and gratifying experience to work with Marty. Thanks a lot, Marty! :)

Nathalie Edwards February, 2018

I have used Marty on a few times. He is fast and keeps you well informed of the process. He also gives you several options. He also does a follow up after the process. I would highly recommend Marty!

Tasha Long January,2018

What I love about Marty he never gives up , keeps us up to date and answers all questions. My First time buying home had no idea and he helped me all the way . I just wanna say thanks a lot for all your hard work we are happy with the house and everything . Thanks again for your hard work your awesome!

Rumal Niyazmuhammad December, 2017

Marty was great to work with, quick, efficient and answered all of our questions. It was nice to be able to work with him via phone, email, and text. He also took the time to listen to our requests and was able to make things happen for our needs. We would highly recommend Marty for all of your Mortgage needs.

Christian Mora June,2017

I would recommend Marty Fekete to anyone who is trying to renew or obtain a mortgage. After some unforeseen circumstances I was in a position where I needed to remortgage my home. Marty explained my options and took the time to explain each one and the benefits of each. He helped me obtain a great interest rate and made the process easy. He went above and beyond working with me at his office and over the phone in the evenings when needed. I can't express how much I appreciate this as I work away from home and do shiftwork. Marty took a stressful time and helped me through it with patience and hard work. He is very knowledgeable and explained everything I had questions about. I highly recommend Marty and will be using him for all my future mortgage needs. Thank you very much for all you did.

Gerry Peleskey March, 2017

It was great working with Marty. He made the whole process easy got a great rate. My own bank could not return my call to make an appointment. Marty really went/goes out of his way to work with your schedule to work with you. Thanks Marty for making this a great experience.

Kevin Sutherland April,2017

What I liked most about Marty was how he made it possible to do everything long-distance through texting, texting pictures, scanning, etc. He was excellent at following up with us on what we were supposed to be doing and answering any questions we may have had. Thanks, Marty!

Nathan H., December, 2016

Marty Fekete is a nice guy. He provides excellent service and replies very fast. I had great experience applying my mortgage through him.

Peter L., December, 2016

We approached Marty to help us refinance our home with great success! He provided step by step instructions and guidance as we completed this process with our first home. Always professional, timely, kind and caring. You made this so easy Marty! I recommend your services to all.

Mike Miller and Lynn L., November, 2016

Marty is very Professional and nice he help us beyond our expectations guide us step by step in our application for our first mortgage even though I think that it was impossible for us to be approved because the bank once turned us down but with Marty's help he make it possible soon we will be moving to our new home. Thank you so much Marty for all the hard work all your help is much appreciated, I will definitely recommend you to all my friend. Again thank you so much...

Jennifer and Rual M., October, 2016

This is the 4th time that I have looked for a mortgage and I always went with the major banks until I had the pleasure to talk to Marty Fekete, who was absolutely the best as a mortgage broker. He took his time without any pressure tactics, which made the process super easy. Also if you want to get the best rate out there don't go to the banks who will charge you an arm and a leg to break the mortgage. If you are looking for an honest, knowledgeable mortgage broker, I recommend Marty Fekete. He is absolutely friendly and takes his time and care with his clients. Even if you are looking for advice I recommend going to Marty to get guidance.

Werner H., October, 2016

Marty did a great job finding the best deal for me on my mortgage renewal.

Trent P., September, 2016

This is the second time we have gone through Marty for our mortgage and he always makes it such an easy process. Very nice guy to deal with and up front about everything you need to know in the process! I will be going to him for years to come, each time I need to renew, as I know he is looking out for my best interests. Thank you, Marty!!

Crystal P., September, 2016

I would recommend Marty to friends and family, to anyone trying to get a mortgage. We redid our mortgage through Marty and he made the process more than easy. It is definitely true how other people have written he works for you. He worked to get us the best deal and what worked best for our situation. A super easy person to talk to, very personable and still very knowledgeable. Thanks again, Marty

Kyle N., August, 2016

Marty Fekete was a really great help. He took the time to ensure all our documents were intact. He explained pretty much everything we require in order to secure a mortgage and is a great communicator, either by phone or via E-mail. I will definitely recommend Marty to anyone looking to purchase a house. Thanks for all your help Marty.

Olu O., July 2016

If anyone is thinking of getting mortgage, Marty is the guy you want to contact.

My husband and I just bought a new home, working with Marty and he has been so great! He is an amazing broker! There should not be anything impossible with Marty. Thank you for helping our family Marty.

Ahreum H., June 2016

If you are buying a home give Marty a call. I cannot say enough good about him. Marty went above and beyond. He works for you and won’t quit till he gets everything done. He is very knowledgeable and is always looking out for you. He is always there to answer any questions and help you out. I would not only recommend him to friends but family too. I will only use him from here on out. Thank you again Marty, we could not have done this without you :)

Trevor V., May 2016

Marty went above and beyond to secure us a great mortgage through some very interesting problems. This guy will do whatever it takes to get you the best mortgage he can. Would recommend Marty to anyone in the market for a house.

Scott F., December 2015

Many heartfelt thanks to Marty. He was the best first call I could've made! He not only did a great job getting us a good mortgage rate as first-time home buyers, he also hooked us up with our realtor and our lawyer to make the process easy and fun. He is personable, knowledgeable, and accessible. I encourage any home buyers to give Marty a call.

Brian L., November, 2015

Marty has been awesome to work with! He's made getting my 1st mortgage easy & stress-free! Wouldn't go anywhere else for a mortgage!

Jesse H., October, 2015

First to say Thanks Marty, I must say that every step of the way of getting our mortgage was easy and stress free. Marty was engaging, professional, friendly and ready to answer any and all questions that we had. I wouldn’t think of using anyone else in the future to deal with my mortgage other than Marty Fekete, the solutions and options were just what we were looking for. Thanks!!

Carlo M., August, 2015

When I found myself in a situation of impending divorce I had no idea what I was going to do about my living arrangements. I had never bought a house before so it was extremely intimidating, but I knew this was the avenue to take. I called Marty to see if he could help me, and right from the start he put my mind at ease. Marty was very personable and went above and beyond to make sure I got into my house in a timely fashion. Even when I would get stressed Marty would tell me just to leave the mortgage in his hands. It was comforting to know I had someone so competent taking care of my mortgage, so my family would have a place to call home. I would sincerely recommend Marty to anyone looking to buy a home.

Lisa L., June, 2015

Marty was easy to deal with and helped make the process of re-financing and obtaining a new mortgage straight forward. He was always able to answer questions and got us a great deal with the bank of our choice!

Len B., May, 2015

I've been working with Marty Fekete on my new home purchase. I wanted to recognize Marty for all of his efforts the last few months. He is an exceptional broker and a true asset to have when dealing with mortgages and refinancing.

Throughout the process, he has been helpful, knowledgeable, and a true professional. Additionally, he is very prompt and courteous, and whenever I needed help or had a question, he would invariably respond to me immediately. He always had the answer, and if he didn't, he would find the answers for me.

His service has been so good, I have referred several friends to him. If ever I'm in the market for another mortgage, I will go straight to Marty.

Jessica B., April, 2015

I would like to thank Marty for his dedication and hard work he has done to help my daughter purchase her first house. It is nice to know that there are caring, kind and willing people to go that extra mile to help someone out trying to purchase their first home. I am truly grateful to Marty for showing nothing but respect, honesty, and hard work for us. I will certainly refer everyone to Marty. Everything was done over the phone or through email and he still had it complete for us in no time. Thank you again for all of your help. Without you Nicole would not have her home.

Sharon C., January, 2015

We would like to express our gratitude for assisting us in getting our first mortgage. You explained all the details that we needed to know about the process, clearly and accurately. We were able to contact you anytime with questions about our mortgage. Your expertise and commitment to us as your customers was fantastic. Thank you for the continuous assistance to us. We are very happy to refer your services to our friends and family.

Joy and Erwin M., November, 2014

Marty was awesome! He made getting our mortgage the easiest part of buying our home!! So easy to talk to and answered any questions and is still answering my questions even after the whole process was completed!

Crystal P., October 2014

We have dealt with Marty for years. He always answers our calls and finds us the best rates. We work long days and it’s nice to have someone we can contact in the evening or weekends. We always recommend Marty to everybody!!

Maas & Bertus F., September 2014

Marty made getting my 1st mortgage easy and not stressful, great guy to work with. Wouldn't go anywhere else for a mortgage.

Matt G., August 2014

Marty made our mortgage transaction nice and smooth! He was very professional and handled any questions and concerns promptly day or night! And we got a sweet deal on interest rates! I definitely would recommend you to my friends and family. Thank you!

Doug and Candi C., July 2014

Thanks Marty for all the time and care you put into helping us buy our home. He was great, he even stopped by after we had bought our home and helped us with the flooring. What a surprise! Thanks for all of your help!

Corey and Steph C., April 2014

We had a different mortgage broker to start with but he wasn't doing anything for us, so my mother in law told us about Marty. Marty provided excellent service. He went above and beyond to help me solve credit issues on my credit score. He found us the best interest rate. Thanks Marty for everything.

Travis and Lynsay M., February 2014

I have done business with Marty Fekete for several years and must say he has never let me down. He is always available to take my calls and assist with all my inquiries. Marty is customer focused in all his transactions and provides first class service, always acting with the utmost integrity and confidence. I would not hesitate to recommend Marty Fekete for all your mortgage needs.

Lori M.-C.

If I sum up working with Marty In few words they would be, knowledgeable, professional, personable, and dedicated. Marty went to bat for me saving the deal gone wrong on the house we HAD to have. Being a first time home buyer can be frustrating and confusing to say the least. I ran into people who assumed I knew more than I did and simply didn't care, resulting in miscommunications and stress. I believe Marty cares greatly about his clients. He was on the ball, making sure I knew exactly what was going on and what was expected from me every step of the way. I'm now living happily in my own home ready to start my young family and I owe it to him.

Kyle W. & Candace L.

Marty found us a great mortgage, better than any bank. He was fast and easy to deal with. We recommend Marty to anybody! We have sent a lot of family and friends his way already.

Don & Sherry C.

Call Marty Fekete, he will help you! My whole world changed in the blink of an eye with his help! He's a really nice fellow with and amazing heart. This is a job he loves and he loves people!

Tanie R.-W.

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