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Great Mortgage Rates in Lethbridge

Are you ready to sign your mortgage renewal papers? It may pay to call me first. For years, I’ve helped homeowners get the best mortgage rates in Lethbridge. Too many times, homeowners will choose to stay with their current mortgage provider without checking out current brokerage rates. This is a costly, but understandable mistake. Most likely, you have a busy schedule and you assume you are getting the best mortgage rates Lethbridge brokers have to offer. But, since mortgage rates have fallen in recent years, this is most likely not the case.

Why get trapped in a mortgage that will cost you more money? Give me a call and save over the long haul! You wouldn’t pay $200 for a pair of shoes that you could get for $150 elsewhere; don’t overpay at mortgage renewal time!

Mortgage Renewal: Lethbridge Mortgage Broker Offers Tips

Remember, renewing your mortgage is similar to purchasing a car. You wouldn’t pay the first price suggested for the car, right? Don’t assume that the posted rate is the only amount a lender will accept. Let me do the work shopping for the best interest rate and mortgage product, as I deal with many lenders I will save you time and money.

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